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Dog grooming services, Squamish

Dog Grooming

Choose from our full dog grooming services provided: You will receive a full consult with your fist visit, to correctly estimate the price and style. Each breed is individual for time needed and quality of coat dictates achievable style. On inspection of your dog, temperament, shape of coat, health, may add more time to grooming thus may cost more. Keep in mind the more familiar the dog is with the groomer the more efficient and stress free the experience will be for your dog.


Doggie Day Care & Spa

Dog Day Care is available by appointment only We have a large play area with two separate areas for large and small dogs furnished with toys, and comfy beds. While in our care your pet will receive our full attention, he or she will have regular pee breaks during the day. And walks can be worked in if required. All while being in a fun playful and active environment.


Dog Walking

Coming soon.


Self Wash

Includes soap, towel, smock, cool air dryer. Professional stainless steel dog grooming tub comes equipped with stairs!

Can accommodate dogs up to 200 lbs.


Cat Grooming

Well if your a cat owner you must know cats are tricky and beautiful creatures. So its a case by case. There are options for grooming, for example if your cat is having difficulty grooming itself a Lion Trim is recommended.

Shaving of areas to remove matts are also available, brush outs, a little de-mating. And baths if necessary.  And of course nails.


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