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The Works

(Bath, cut & style, ear clean, nail trim, paw tidy, sani-trim, blow dry & brush out)

$40 – 55 Small dogs
$55 – 65 Medium dogs
$65 and up for Large dogs
$75 and up for XXL dogs

Bath & Tidy

(bath, brush, nails, ears, tidy face and feet)

$30 – 40 tiny dogs and up
$35 – 45 small dogs and up
$45 – 55 for medium dogs and up
$60 – 70 for large dogs and up

Add On and Drop In Services

$15 – Nails
$5 – Eye Area
$5 – Pads
$15 – Tidy Face
$20 / 15 mins – Demat
$20 – Pawdicure

Self Wash

Includes organic shampoo, towel, smock, cool air dryer, professional stainless steel dog grooming tub with stairs. Can accommodate up to 200 lbs.

$20 per dog

(if more than 30 minutes is needed, a surcharge may apply)


Come in booklets of 10 (no expiration), for 20% off. When purchased in a booklet the cost is $160 plus tax. (Works out to $16 with discount, saving you $4 per wash.)

You will receive a full consult with your fist visit, to correctly estimate the price and style. Each breed is individual for time needed and quality of coat dictates achievable style.

On inspection of your dog, temperament, shape of coat, health, may add more time to grooming thus may cost more. Keep in mind the more familiar the dog is with the groomer the more efficient and stress free the experience will be for your dog.

Additional de-matting on your dog’s fur requires more time spent and may incur an additional $20 per 15 minutes.

Severely matted dogs will not be de-matted.

All prices are subject to change.

We book by appointment only.