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Brushing your dog

Brushing your dog

One important aspect of keeping your dog’s coat shiny, healthy and knot-free, is to brush it. Some breeds require more frequent brushing than others, but it’s a good job to brush your pooch’s hair at least once or twice a week. If you can do it every day, even better!

The kind of brush or other tool to use depends on your dog’s coat. Dogs with short, medium or, in some cases, long coats need bristle brushes. Longhaired dogs need brushes that have long metal pins. Other brushing tools include slicker brushes to get rid of dead and matted hair and rubber curry combs, which remove dead hair and make smooth coats shiny. Many groomers prefer if owners use both a brush and a comb — brush first, comb next. This help remove any smaller tangles.

When you brush your four-legged friend, be sure to go all the way down to her skin. The action will help get rid of dandruff, stimulate blood circulation, and if done regularly, keep shedding under control. Be on the lookout for burrs, twigs and other items that might have gotten twisted into her coat, mats (especially under her legs and behind her ears), and any injuries.

Your dog will enjoy being brushed — she might even remind you to groom her if you forget.

I can also instruct you further and recommend the correct brush to be using for your breed of dog.

Free seminars for dog owners

Feel like there’s a lot to learn about being a dog owner? Want to learn more, but not sure how or where? There certainly is a lot of info out there these days. Unfortunately some of it is not helpful or even factual.

Learn from the professionals!

We will be hosting FREE Seminars at LeeLee’s Grooming Lounge to address certain issues that may interest you. Featured experts will include Veterinarians, Raw Food Experts, Dog Chiropractors and Acupuncturists, Trainers and more.

Example questions:

  • How do I clean my dogs ears. How often should I do so, and what products are good?
  • How often should I wash my dog?
  • How often should I trim the nails?
  • My dog is overweight. Should I put him/her on a diet?
  • Is raw good for my dog? Where can I buy it?
  • My dog scratches a lot. Is it fleas or allergies?
  • Is the flea medication at the dollar store okay?
  • My dog won’t stop barking when I leave the house.
  • My dog was attacked and has been nervous around other dogs since. What can I do?

These are only some of the subjects we will be talking about in the seminars.

Please check this blog regularly for info regarding time and topics, or:

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